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A tribute to marble and to its veined patterns


In major artistic and architectural projects, from the Acropolis to the Louvre, marble has always played an essential part as an expression of excellence and noble ideals. The meeting between art and design inspires the designer, thanks to which it is possible to recognize the material that has molded the beauty over the centuries: marble and its veins. Mus_eum was created to be the natural completion of Mus_art as it can be used both on floors and walls, but it also makes its way alone or with other Sichenia collections. The veins, shades and elegant decorations make this project a complete collection that can offer infinite laying solutions. Available in three finishes, as many dimensional variations and proposals for interior and exterior decorations, Mus_eum is a project with a strong, modern and dynamic character. It create projects with great aesthetic impact. The Mus_eum collection has three finishes that emphasize the natural beauty of marble and its veins. The “Lux” surface reflects the light, enhancing the natural brightness of the ambiences. The “Matt” finish characterizes contemporary spaces and gives a relaxing and delicate experience. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology in the glaze, the surface is “Soft Grip“, soft to the touch but resistant to slipping. Finally, the “Sabbiata Grip” finish with a muffled appearance has high anti-slip properties, therefore it is particularly suitable for the Outdoor and Wellness areas. The skilful mix of these surfaces gives the possibility to use the material in multiple contexts, creates a fascinating play of light.

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