Nuovi Mondi

And while his waiting for his Lord, he makes a curious machine, that shows to the eye many amazing things - C.Goldoni, Il Mondo novo

The art of illusion has always been able to involve people’s sen- ses, making them uncertain about the reality. Thanks to optical tricks, new images take form, created to enchant the viewer. He watches“ a reality that allows him to explore other worlds, fill the voids, make the absence presence, carefully shape desires”, and becomes a real projection for his ego. These are New Worlds.

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Available finishes

All our wallpaper graphics are available in 5 different supports:

  • Kerlite® wallpaper handmade decorated - The slabs are decorated using digital cold printing technology, with which aesthetic, chromatic results of exceptional quality are achieved. The graphics are imprinted at very high resolution on porcelain tile, keeping the brilliant colors and shades of the decorative designs unchanged.
  • TNT vinyl wallpaper - Breathable cellulose fiber based wallpaper with nonwoven vinylic support
  • ECO wallpaper - Opaque appearance. Breathable cellulose fiber and pvc-free wallpaper
  • Fiberglass  - Fiberglass fabric, it resists to impacts, tears and abrasions.
  • Acustic - Print on fiberglass fabric laminated with a special honey-comb veil for acoustic absorption

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