As an exclusive set of details and finishing accessories, we have tools designed to simplify and complete the installation of raised flooring with refined, functional, practical and aesthetically-pleasing winning solutions.

Our solutions are able to resolve the main problems of raised ceramic flooring, such as the risk of the tiles lifting due to the wind, the danger of breakage, stagnated water freezing on the surface, problems related to the accumulation of foliage beneath the decking, and the tiles on the steps or along the perimeter of the flooring slipping.

For any potential problem related to the installation or use in the operation of raised flooring, our range offers a concrete, practical and effective solution.

Tiles breakage protectionShock Shield: a patented protection to reinforce ceramic tiles for outdoor elevated flooring

Shock Shield: patented protection to reinforce ceramic tiles for outdoor elevated flooring

Shock Shield is the solution designed to offer reinforcement to ceramic tiles intended for raised outdoor use and to solve the very dangerous issue of ceramic fragments detaching, thus protecting people’s safety in the event of a tile breaking.

Shock Shield is a patented self-adhesive protective membrane, functional to reinforcing the tiles, with results verified by passing the specific “three hard body impact tests”, in accordance with UNI EN 12825:2003 (with documentation available upon request).

Shock Shield consists of a triple-layer multi-material membrane comprised of:

  • a highly-adhesive ceramic bonding layer, safeguarded by removable protective film;
  • an intermediate layer formed by a high-performance bituminous compound for a strong and secure grip;
  • a layer of HDPE that serves a “shock retarding” action, offering increased resistance in the event of tile breakage.

The three hard body impact tests: Shock Shield passes with flying colours

Shock Shield is the only reinforcing protective system that allows 2 or 3 cm thick ceramic tiles to be used in raised flooring, having passed the hard body impact test pursuant to the UNI EN 12825:2003 standard.

The test procedure is as follows: a steel tester with a mass of 4.5 (± 0.05) kg and with a hemispherical end of 50 mm is passed inside a tubular guide with a diameter of 5.5 cm and dropped on a test panel from a height of 60 (± 1) cm, on the following points:

  • the centre of the panel;
  • a point along the side of the panel of the examiner’s choosing;
  • at 7 cm from one corner of the panel.

The ceramic tiles on which Shock Shield has been applied have passed all three components of the test, without the detachment of any fragments from the Shock Shield membrane following the three strikes.

Shock Proof: ready-to-use solution

Shock Shield is available in a range of 7 standard square and rectangular sizes, in the most common and widespread ceramic tile and plank measurements.  This reduces the need to undertake on-site trimming, as the adhesive membrane comes ready-to-use.

Shock Shield is an exclusive system characterised by its great ease of transport together with the minimal effort necessary for handling and laying. Moreover, Shock Shield is very versatile, simple to manage, economical and ready to use.  It can be applied either in the warehouse or directly on-site, using a simple silicone roll to ensure the adhesive sticks evenly. Watch the video to see the entire laying sequence!


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