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Home Design And Project Solutions

Beautiful Fittings For Every Taste

Are you looking for the best in elegant home designs? You’ve come to the right place. Disegno Casa Design and Project Solutions lead with creative designs and stylish fixtures to suit the layout of your home. We specialise in unique designs tailored to the personality and taste of our clients. Whatever design vision you are trying to realise, we can make it a reality!

Whether it’s gleaming vanities or sparkling tiles for home Melbourne customers can rely on Disegno Casa to source tasteful material to suit your needs. What sets us apart from our competitors is our exactness, our attention to detail and our flair for the original. Luxuriate in your home or office space with our design and project solutions.

Kitchen Designs And Tiles

Transform your kitchen space into something more than purely functional with our Kitchen Design Solutions. With Disegno Casa, we can help you maximise use of your kitchen space, so that it not only fulfils the many demands home owners make on contemporary kitchens, but so that it makes an aesthetic statement as well.

Our range of kitchen fixtures boast style and sophistication. With dark tones, simple lines and modernistic functionality, our kitchen designs and tiles are highly sought after for those looking to make a statement with their kitchens.

Our kitchens fixtures are refined with the very best of innovative materials. We for example have fixtures in immaculate grey cement resin. This innovative material can achieve stylish effects in your kitchen that will truly stand out from the crowd. The material itself is versatile and robust as well, making possible a wide palette of applications.

Enjoy the kitchen space of you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Serviced Areas

Disegno and Casa Design and Project Solutions provide our elegant design solutions to Toorak, Alphington, Kew, Ivanhoe, Collingwood, Richmond and surrounding suburbs.