Craft 2.0

Craft 2.0, a tribute to the Made in Italy. From its roots to new millennium challenges: handmade tradition, design and innovation are the pillars of Made in Italy as synonyms of quality all over the world

Craft 2.0 summarizes and reviews above mentioned concepts according to Novello’s vision. Constant research and innovation have led to a new idea of bathroom: an innovative design joining aesthetic and functionality. At the same time, this view recalls the handmade feature that has always characterized our historical manufacturing background. Craft 2.0 different combinations become inspiration for new ways of furnishing, thus providing personal and original solutions. A customized collection; the expression of the best handmade tradition associated with Novello's 60 years experience. Novello believes in the value of the past and draws energies from it in order to go on, towards new opportunities and markets.

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