Calix XL

Calix combines care for detail with an essential design

Calix is a product that combines care for detail with an essential design: it is composed of stereometric elements with simple lines, obtained by the accurate juxtaposition of panels with fine or tapered thicknesses that allow the volumes to be fully appreciated, dematerialising their edges. This sharpness of form is given by, among other things, the use of the grooved door with an inclined profile and a closing side made of panels 8 millimetres thick, and by open compartments culminating in inclined edges. Proposed also in a version with a curved door, it is suitable for multiple using configurations and is sufficiently versatile to furnish different types of residential settings. Calix like a chalice, the shape that inspired the silhouettes of the over-counter wash-basins that are distinguished by their edge, which opens outwards and calls to mind the shape of a tulip. Presented in two different heights, the wash-basin contrasts with the linearity of the compartments below, mitigating their forms. As well as over-counter wash-basins, a built-in model is also proposed, characterised by two sides that slope gently towards the basin. The program is accompanied by a series of accessories that include open compartments in lacquered sheet metal offset by mirrors composed of a sheet metal frame folded at the two ends to form two compartments containing respectively a LED light in the top and a shelf in the bottom. The program is proposed in a series of new finishes including unicolor HPL laminates with decorations, ranging from oak with a vintage effect to stone, and they are accompanied by a wide choice of lacquers that aim to create a complete program, able to satisfy a wide range of users and settings.

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