Are you tired of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to kitchen design? For a kitchen design for Ivanhoe homes that is truly unique, with products alive to innovations in both materials and form, you needn’t look further than Disegno Casa.

Floor Tiles In Ivanhoe

Our floor tiles for Ivanhoe come in an array of different styles and colours, to cater to a refined taste. Tiling is a durable solution to your flooring needs, being both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Disegno Casa solutions’ tiles are sure to impress!

Outdoor Titles In Ivanhoe

With our range of outdoor tiles Ivanhoe customers can give their rambling outdoor areas form and grace. These stylish additions to your home’s aesthetics can be appreciated for years to come! Our outdoor tiles are built to last, tested in the extreme weather conditions in which they will be installed.