If you want more than just the generic out of your next kitchen design in Collingwood, you need to partner with Disegno Casa Design and Project Solutions. Here at Disegno, our professionalism and commitment to quality is exceeded only by our creativity. In both form and materials, our modern kitchen for Collingwood will make a bold statement will also boasting the best of quality modern engineering.

Floor Tiles In Collingwood

Our floor tiles in Collingwood come in a range of different expressions to suit the tastes of diverse clientele. But all our floor tiles emphasis quality production. These tiles will prove an investment in your home that will reap benefits in the years to come.

Outdoor Titles In Collingwood

Outdoor tiles for Collingwood need to be designed to suit the extremes of weather Melbourne’s skies routinely dole out. That’s why you need a purpose-built product that not only lasts but looks good. Complement the outdoor design with our outdoor tiles.